Malthouse Products Ltd initially concentrated solely on consumables for the Automotive and Refinishing trades, since our inception and because of our pricing structure and product quality we have entered the Marine, Aviation and Service industries as main suppliers.

We have spent substantial resources into the research and development of new and improved products to fully support our factors and distributors of our products.

In 2010 we moved further forward and in June 2010 launched a revolutionary static polythene called "TOPGUN". With it's enhanced paint holding and easy cutting/slitting characteristics the entry into UK market with a full marketing campaign strengthened this launch.

Malthouse Products Ltd has continued to grow by expanding its product portfolio, from it's extensive knowledge of Masking Paper we look towards an exciting future. New major products have been launched this year including Masking Tapes, TopGun, Paintmate Paint Mixing Cups, Badge Tape, booth filters, artists brushes and aerosols, to name just a few.

Malthouse Products Ltd's aim is to provide their customers with the full range of profit making quality consumable products and to ensure their customers increased profitability through quality and service.